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What is it like performing with a 60s icon like Peter Noone and seeing the generations of fans who follow him?

Vance with Herman's Hermits - Click for larger image. Listen to Vance while you read.* I love my job. There isn’t one day that I go to do a Hermits show that I don’t love being on stage and I can very safely say that about everybody in the group, especially Peter.

I just know that everybody loves playing the material and we all have a big, big respect for the body of work that he has done and continues to do. Peter always presents a quality performance.

Vance performs with Herman's Hermits - Click for larger image. Watch Vance do I'm Telling You Now with Peter Noone He approaches each show as a new and fresh experience Listen to Vance while you read.* and he also makes that era of music relevant. It really shows how well it’s all aged. It has fallen into the category of timeless.

I was commenting the other night. I can’t tell you how many kids you see with Def Metal t-shirts on at our shows and half way through the show they’re flashing me the peace sign. They always are converted by the end of the day. It's very strange, but there’s an effervescence that’s undeniable and I think they know that.

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*Audio clip from August 18, 2007 interview by Mason Ramsey www.rockandrollheaven.net



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