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You're obviously very proud of being with Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone. Watch Vance with Peter Noone -  I'm Into Something GoodWhen you had the chance to audition for Peter were you nervous?

Vance performs with Peter Noone in 2004 - Click for a larger image. It’s a wonderful position to have and I’m very appreciative of that. Listen to Vance while you read.* I didn't really have the chance to be. It was basically, I got a phone call and they said do you know the material. We need you in St. Cloud Minneapolis in two weeks. Can you be there?

And I said I will do everything I can to be there.
So ya , I was very nervous, but the music wasn’t foreign to me.

Vance performs with Peter Noone in 2007 -  Click for a larger image. I did not have to rehearse knowing the music so much as I had to rehearse my playing ability because I was never really a lead guitar player by stock and trade. I was always more of a singer, songwriter and I would have somebody else doing the function that I ’m now doing in Peter’s band.

My biggest challenge was to approach the instrument, the guitar, completely differently than I had ever done. I knew the material Watch Vance with Peter Noone - Kind of Hush and was very familiar with the body of work. I'm proud I met, and continue to meet the challenge that began back in 2001.

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*Audio clip from August 18, 2007 interview by Mason Ramsey


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