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What type of guitar do you use, as it is able to obtain so many different types of tones. Did you design your own type of Variax perhaps?

Read more about Vance's  rebuild of his Teisco Del Rey EP-8 guitar. My guitar is a Teisco Del Rey EP-8 model, a classic guitar from the Tiesco 1964 line. I found it screwed to the wall at a guitar center as junk art. I told the manager I'd give him another guitar to hang as junk and I'd take the one on the wall - he agreed.

I rebuilt the guitar. Click on the photo for more about the rebuild. This happened about a month before I joined Herman's Hermits. For more about Tiesco guitars check out this Vintage Guitar Magazine article: Teisco Guitars, Part II.

What is your favorite music genre?
I've always had an open mind to all kinds of music, so it's difficult to narrow down. I guess rock, Broadway show tunes, country and folk are at the top.

Vance in action on stage with Herman's Hermits.Click for a larger imageHave you had professional dance training? Is that why you can play your guitar while you jump, kick and cavort around the stage like you do in Herman's Hermits shows?
Me in a dance class? NEVER! But it did take years and years of watching Dick Van Dyke!
Watch Dick Van Dyke

Which of your talents do you feel is your strongest - singing, songwriting or performing?
Definitely live performance! Sometimes my willingness to entertain can cover my musical shortcomings. Watch Vance do Just A Little Bit Better with Peter Noone


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