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What was the inspiration for Falling Angel and what goes into writing a beautiful song like this? Did it take a long time to write and put the music together as heard on your CD? I think Fallen Angel deserves to be heard by the widest audience possible. It is a gem of a song!
Thank you for the good words about the song! By all means - spread the word to music listeners everywhere!

Listen to Vance sing Falling Angel. Falling Angel is one of my more literally truthful songs - without adding to the story. It's about a very beautiful young girl I met in NYC when I too was young. Within hours of meeting this enchanting young girl her dark self unfolded before me. I remember thinking how sad it was that at one time she was some mother’s newborn innocent … and to see what she became! I wrote the song in one night, but didn't record it until years later. I like to work very quickly. When I got to the recording studio I laid the drums down, then the guitar, and built around that.

Vance dances. Click for a larger image.xAfter watching you at Mohegan and talking with other Noonatics, I find there are several others with my question concerning the lengthy "dance" step you maintain whilst Peter "teaches" the audience how to sing and spell "H-E-N-R-Y. The question? How do you keep up that up for so long at every show?

I have listened to Dave's drum beat and it's much like doing triple tap steps to a double tap beat. Do you go into meditation and just block out the whirled? How do you do it? As a dancer, I find it admirable!

No meditation necessary ... just lots of good, clean living and Dick Van Dyke TV rerun training! Now there's one dancer to admire! I'm not a dancer - just having fun!

Who are your favorite artists to cover? Who are your favorite artists to see perform?
I enjoy doing Beatles, Elvis and Anthony Newley. Songs by these artists play themselves ... even if I play them badly!

I always enjoy seeing Tom Jones. Joan Baez is fantastic live and Anthony Newly has always been one of my favorites to see. I liked the Ramones in their early years.


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