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How did "That Was Then, This Is Now" end up being recorded by the Monkees?

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz & Vance Brescia

Micky Dolenz asked me about this recently - how it was that my song ended up getting to them. I told him that it was just luck. He said, "You know, luck is where preparation and opportunity meet."

Listen to Vance while you read.* It is true. It wasn’t as if I just woke up one day and wrote a song. I had been on the road since I was sixteen, seventeen working hard, playing five or six nights a week when nobody else was playing originals. It was all cover bands where I was - and basically starving. So we did put in our time sleeping seven guys in one

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz & Vance Brescia with
million selling record "That Was Then, This is Now" written by Vance.

hotel room. Any of you young bands would know the drill about that. So finally it paid off. I had a group back then called the Mosquitos and Arista Records was semi interested in us and then I guess ultimately they passed, but they liked one of the songs on my EP called Listen to Vance with The Mosquitos - That Was Then, This Is NowThat Was Then, This Is Now, ” in fact it was Clive Davis who heard it, and they picked it to be the Monkees comeback single.

So it was really, really, really the stars aligned. When Micky Dolenz is on the bill with Herman's Hermits I often join him on stage for the song. In 2009 I was in the band that backed Micky on the Teen Idols Tour and sometimes I fill in on bass with Micky's band. Watch That Was Then, This Is Now - Vance Brescia with Micky Dolenz/Teen Idols

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*Audio clip from August 18, 2007 interview by Mason Ramsey



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