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A salute to NOW and THEN
Hats off to The Monkees for an amazing 45th Anniversary Tour that entertained crowds across the country and the UK. I've always been a fan and was lucky to attend several of the shows. The Monkees are consummate professionals and very talented singers.

It was great to hear some of my favorites that I've always felt were mercilessly overlooked. "I Want To Be Free" and "Shades of Gray" are timeless modern day songs, brilliantly written and performed. I was honored to have my song also included at a number of performances during the tour.

l can't aknowledge the 25 years since the Monkees recorded my song "That Was Then This Is Now" without thanking them for being so gracious to me

over the years, often inviting me to join them on stage.

I've been asked what it was like when I first heard that the Monkees recorded "That Was Then, This Is Now." I was sitting in front of the TV eating dinner when Scott "Scotto" Savitt, manager of the Mosquitos, called to tell me. I just said, "Oh, that's cool" and went back to eating my dinner. I was young ... it really didn't sink in because I wasn't into music to be famous or ride in a limo. I just wanted to imitate Elvis, the Monkees, the Beatles, etc. It was just something I did.

Vance on bass joining Micky, singing with Davy at one of his shows and victim of a little Monkey businees from Peter Tork after a bit of signature Vance kicking during a Herman's Hermits show.
The story behind how the song ended up being recorded by the Monkees is best told by my longtime friend and manager, Scotto. He's the best at Remembering THEN ...

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